Faucet Repair and Replacement Services in Covina, CA

Broken faucets can waste thousands of gallons of water. Why let your hard-earned money go down the drain? At Covina Speedy Plumbing and Rooter, we help homeowners through Covina, California every day with home faucet repair. Our skilled plumbers can handle any faucet repair you can think of such as kitchen sink and bathroom sink repairs, bathtub and shower faucet repairs, and water shut-off valves. We can also help you with repair and installation for laundry room faucets and outdoor spigots.

Your home’s faucets have a big job to do every single day. You rely on this component of your plumbing system to work without fail, but when problems arise you need a professional to take care of the situation. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a home faucet such as:

  • Corroded interior parts
  • Loose connections
  • Broken gaskets
  • Worn washers
  • Damaged O-rings

Instead of living with a leaky faucet or spending your valuable time trying to fix the problem on your own, give the professionals a call to deliver exceptional and affordable plumbing service.

Same-Day Faucet Repair and Installation Services

You can depend on our plumbing contractors to be there for you in a jiffy. While a leaky faucet is not a life or death situation, we know that when you want repairs, you want them NOW! This is why we offer same day service for repairs as well as kitchen faucet replacement, and bathroom faucet installation as well as garbage disposal repair and replacement.

With one call to Covina Speedy Plumbing and Rooter, we’ll quickly repair or replace your faucets so you can get back to enjoying the convenience of modern day plumbing once again. We can install a new faucet that we provided or we’ll install a faucet you already bought. Either way, we’re here to help!